West Barnstable Tables

2454 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable; 508-362-2676

“Whatever you see, you have to try and see something different,” explains Dick Kiusalas, owner of West Barnstable Tables. The furniture showroom illustrates that with enough creativity, you can transform something old into a functional and artistic piece of furniture. With the help of 12 craftspeople, West Barnstable Tables spends half of their time completing custom requests with the other half used to manufacture eclectic pieces that are displayed in their showroom.

“I always wanted to do something artistic, but this allowed me to make art that is useful,” says Dick Kiusalas. With 47 years of craftsmanship under his belt, Kiusalas’ imaginative eye is evident in his furniture pieces. Ranging from materials such as salvaged antique buildings to pianos and outhouses, this is furniture with  history.

One of the most intriguing pieces is “Dr. Hoenikker’s Cupboard for Ice-Nine.” Made from antique wood recovered from Kurt Vonnegut’s former house in Barnstable, where the author penned “Cat’s Cradle,” the cupboard houses an interior compartment that holds a WWII radio box containing Ice-Nine.

For those who prefer newly constructed furniture, West Barnstable Tables also offers new pieces in cherry, box elder, black walnut, tiger, birdseye and spalted maples. “I’m a bit of a wood hoarder,” jokes Kiusalas. A stroll through the intriguing showroom, a converted cranberry barn filled with handcrafted furniture, will set your imagination whirling.

“I just like to amuse myself, it’s a nice way to make a living,” says Kiusalas. With the great amount of zeal behind West Barnstable Tables, you are sure to leave with a truly distinctive piece and a smile on your face.

Lucie Lass


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