Shopping Brimfield

Brimfield Barn

The Brimfield Barn filled is filled to the brim with antiques and collectibles.

If you’ve never experienced Brimfield, you need to check it out! Billed as the largest outdoor antiques and collectibles show in the country, the six-day market attracts more than 6,000 dealers and vendors and over 130,000 visitors through the course of the week. Martha Stewart and trend-spotters for J. Crew and other fashionable companies have been known to shop Brimfield’s mile-long stretch of goods, seeking inspiration and unique treasures that are hard to find anywhere else.

Brimfield Treasures

Eclectic treasures found at Brimfield’s May, 2015, show.

It’s truly incredible. You can spend the whole day sifting through glassware, art, vintage fashions and jewelry and barely scratch the surface of all there is to see. If you are looking for interesting home décor, this is certainly the place to find it. I noticed many mid-century modern furniture pieces and tons of lighting options, from funky 1960s table lamps to elaborate chandeliers.

According to the Brimfield Antique Guide, some of the hot vintage wares trending right now are usable kitchen wares, like sturdy KitchenAid and Sunbeam mixers, pie plates, CorningWare and Pyrex. (It’s nice to know that my love for 1950s Corningware is shared by so many.) Old signage, antique garden décor and “Mantiques” (such as retro barware, surfing memorabilia and military supplies) are also cited as being in high demand.

1960s Thomasville Dressers

A trio of Thomasville dressers from the 1960s was priced to sell at $450.

Brimfield runs three shows a year (rain or shine): May, July and September, with the May and September dates being the most well attended. You can spot the Brimfield shopping veterans by their sensible footwear and wire grocery carts, which are used to transport treasures from field to field, vendor to vendor. I must admit, I could’ve chosen better footwear. Ballet flats don’t offer a lot of support; I was definitely sore the next day from all the walking. But, I’ll be back in September for another round of antiquing.

The July show runs from the 14th to the 19th; the September show is the 8th through the 13th.

If you are planning a trip, here are a few links to help you on your way. Perhaps I’ll see you in September…

Show Info:                                       Favorite Fields:           Heart of the Mart             New England Motel Antiques (has the biggest food court)       Central Park Antiques Field

To help navigate the show, you can also download the Brimfield Flea Finders app.

Happy treasure hunting!

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