Sawyer Mason’s Hardest-Working Hardwood Floors

The secret behind the beauty and strength of Sawyer Mason’s collection of prefinished, wide-plank hardwood floors is a unique coloring process and a stable, structured construction.

Instead of utilizing a traditional surface stain, each plank goes through a reactive color process where a mineral and salt mixture is applied, permeating the wood and reacting with its natural sugars and tannins to create a rich color throughout. The best part? If your floor is scratched, no need to refinish—just dab oil into the blemish and it will be completely camouflaged. Sturdier than engineered flooring, Sawyer Mason floors consist of only two layers of wood, which combats cupping and warping while reducing the off-gassing effect of a multi-layered glue-construction.

Available at Stonewood Products; 15 Great Western Road, Harwich; 508-430-5020

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