New Business: Elburne

A new home décor store opened in Dennis Village this May. Elburne (744 Main St., Dennis; 508-694-5536), founded by young entrepreneurs, sisters and business partners Laura and Simone Pereira, showcases products made exclusively  of reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials. The centerpiece of the business is a line of furniture made of peroba, a hardwood native to South America that is often used to construct homes in Brazil, where the sisters have family. “In the south of Brazil, there are a lot of homes that were built in the 1920s and 30s and they become structurally unsafe and abandoned because they weren’t built to last,” explains Laura. “Now there is a whole industry where they take these homes apart and build furniture.”  Working with the factory abroad, the Pereiras modified the furniture designs to fit the area’s local aesthetic. The result is a line of rustic furniture – benches, bookcases, tables and stools – with a clean and simple design and tons of natural character.  On many of the pieces, traces of house paint – blues, yellows and greens—can still be seen. “We really loved the look. I think it gives a one-of-a-kind feel to any piece,” says Laura, adding that some furniture pieces have been sanded down entirely for a cleaner look. To complement the selection of furniture, Elburne also features vases made of recycled glass, trays from reclaimed wood and area rugs and runners made from sustainable materials as well as artwork from local artists.

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