Custom Cabinetry: A Kitchen Premium

Custom cabinetry allows homeowners to create the kitchen of their dreams alongside top-notch design teams.

By Danielle Cort

As the heart of the home, the kitchen has an important role to play: it drives the most foot traffic, is a go-to site for entertaining and houses many of our daily essentials. When contemplating any new home build, remodel or upgrade, it’s no surprise that the kitchen tends to fall at the top of the to-do list. If manageable, thinking “custom” will buy you large dividends in the long run.

Working with Wŭdwŭrks

With cabinetry, style, texture and finish is limitless; upgrading the look throughout the kitchen can completely transform a space and the custom attention to detailing is well worth the thought it takes to create a design plan. The team at Wŭdwŭrks Custom Cabinetry of South Yarmouth, which includes Erik Tolley, architect and principal, Michael Nardone, general contractor and principle, and Barbara Darcy, interior designer, is all about personalization, and works with clients from day one to attend to their needs in both form and function.

An initial meeting in their showroom allows for turn-key solutions in ways of design, preparation, installation and project management of a new home or renovation. When it comes to custom cabinetry, their partnerships with Mouser and Woodharbor, manufacturers using the best joinery and woodworking techniques for assembly, and state-of-the-art finish processes, creates products of quality and durability. With the option of custom and semi-custom cabinetry, clients have the opportunity to create something unique to their home. “At Wŭdwŭrks, each job that we do is custom ordered after the design process” says the team. “This allows us to design cabinetry in 1″ through 1/8″ increments in a remodeled space and creates a more custom look and feel than the stock cabinets that are available at the ‘big box’ stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. It also aids us to minimize wasted space.”

As the team notes, “the ability to sell semi-custom cabinetry with some custom manufactured pieces, mixed in, allows us to design a beautiful room for practically any budget.” And keep in mind that, just because a project is custom, does not mean it has to cost a fortune. “The design should account for your lifestyle, whether casual or formal, and if you like to entertain,” says the team. “It is important to really look at how your family lives, and how you use your existing kitchen.”

When it comes to style and color, Wŭdwŭrks offers a large variety to choose from: custom cabinetry can be designed in 12 wood species with between 10 to 15 stain combinations and five different glazes, 25 standard paint finishes, six glaze options and five brushstroke techniques. Additionally, manufacturers can also custom match any paint or stain you might have seen elsewhere. “These finishes allow us to design any style of room that you are looking for,” says the team.

A kitchen by Trevor Kurz, owner of Kurzhaus Designs in South Dennis, and his team.

A kitchen by Trevor Kurz, owner of Kurzhaus Designs in South Dennis, and his team.

Creating with Kurzhaus

Trevor Kurz, president and founder of Kurzhaus Designs Inc. of South Dennis, agrees. “Custom cabinetry allows for anything you can imagine, no space wasted with odd fillers,” he says. “Custom does not constitute purchasing precut materials from China and assembling them in your garage. Custom is a liberally misapplied word. We offer handmade, true custom cabinetry, unparalleled by any other I’ve had the opportunity to witness.”

Kurzhaus’ inception came as a result of Kurz’s own purchasing, repairing and selling of antique homes. With a desire to set the industry bar with regard to creativity, quality and transparency, he and his team have been able to offer “custom” at close to box cabinet prices.

Starting with a client wish list, Kurz offers his clients three dimensional drawings in addition to floor plans. Cabinets come standard with BLUMOTION drawer and door hardware. “Blum offers high end, European designed soft close door and drawer hardware in addition to various inserts and accessories,” says Kurz. “We typically recommend maple for painted cabinetry. Natural or stained cabinetry can typically be any species.”

Artisanal Expertise with Wychmere Woodworks

At Wychmere Woodworks of Orleans, Founder David Flanagan gives much attention to the engineering of cabinetry with respect to aesthetic and design. An artisan shop specializing in one-of-a-kind high-end projects, including kitchen and bath cabinetry, millwork and furniture, Wychmere brings attention to detail concerning structural elements of the casework.

Limited only to a client or architect’s vision, “custom means what it says,” says Flanagan.  “You get exactly what you want with no compromises on fit, form and function to the extent your budget will allow…the cabinetry and accessories can be optimized to suit the individual needs and tastes of the client.”

Flanagan recommends selecting appliances and sink(s) prior to cabinetry. If properly executed and well-appointed with the right decor for the region, custom home finishes can command a premium resale value. “It has to be timeless in appeal that fits into the Cape and Island’s relaxed, elegant, but not overly embellished architectural style,” says Flanagan. “Hire an experienced certified kitchen designer that has the years of experience under their belt. Try to consult magazines, websites and books to see what looks good to you for design details regarding the cabinets and overall kitchen space. Pick a good kitchen design center or if you elect custom, a reputable cabinetmaker that has a prior working relationship with your designer. From there the process moves on to making decisions as a team: general contractor, client, designer and the cabinetmaker about the project, layout, scale, style, finishes and kitchen accessories.”


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